Wednesday, May 30, 2012

McGovern kids

I am not a native Texan, but I came as soon as I could! Ha! One of fun Texas pride things I have come to enjoy is the Blue Bonnets. They bring on the Spring, and basically everyone has to get their bonnet picture fix. This year I did several sessions and this has got to be my favorite. I absolutely loved watching how the big brother and sister unconditionally loved the little girls. It brings a sweetness to my heart when I look at these images. Thank you Ginger, it was my absolute pleasure photographing your beautiful kids...bring on the family session! McGovern02McGovern08McGovern14McGovern05McGovern30McGovern33McGovern37 bMcGovern39McGovern43McGovern44 McGovern48McGovern51 McGovern58 bwMcGovern55blog temp 3 acrossMcGovern64McGovern63

Monday, May 7, 2012

Walker Family

This was incredible! I can say besides my bloody toe accident that happened while shooting the car pictures (ouch, that one hurt big time!) this was such a delicious session to shoot because my dearest rocking awesome Walker family ate it up! They loved ever single moment. It was marvelous. I loved to capture every tasty second, the silliness, snuggles, jokes, and quirkiness (I can say that because Melissa is my friend in who I love!)=). I even had a serendipitous moment when this beautiful thunderbird (owned by the gracious Ken Pikenton at Keller Williams in McKinney. Many thanks to you!) I love the look of total elation Ethan had while sitting in the car! Priceless! Get ready for a long post my friends. walker 108 walker 008 walker 007 canvas cropwalker 009 walker 030 walker 045 walker 182 walker 101 walker 104 walker 127 walker 130 walker 131 walker 089 walker 085 And the car pictures!walker 138 Love his face!walker 132 walker 150 walker 145 walker 152 walker 203 My personal fav!walker 066 walker 190 walker 195 walker 198 walker 200 walker 210 walker 215 walker 220 walker 237 walker 227 walker 164