Saturday, December 20, 2008

Netta and Peter's Family!

This is # 3 of the Kimball brothers that I've photographed this season. It has been so much fun to get to know these great people. This session was a blast! I really loved the location we shot at. If you ever get the chance to get into Emerald Bay, in Laguna Beach, I would take a peek. It was great to have a variety of different backgrounds in a very close area. It made my life so much easier. We all had a good time and got some really beautiful images.

New Logo

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Michelle McGrath, I now have a logo. Yay! She is very talented, and I'm so grateful for the awesome work she's done for me. If you would like to see her stuff, go to . She designs wedding announcements, baby announcements, and t-shirts, among other things. Check it out. She is GREAT!

More Kimball's

I love doing newborn sessions.

Oh my, girl, you are a firecracker! =) I love your fun personality.

She is such a smart and inquisitive little girl.
I had a great time with this family. These little girls were a hoot. So much personality packed into such cute little frames. Things took a bit longer than I had originally predicted, but I guess I'm a lot slower when I'm pregnant. Thanks for being patient with me guys.